Collab Vetted Experts

What are Collab Vetted Experts?

Our experts are people we have met, learned to appreciate, respect and acknowledge for their passion, expertise and experience. They are also people with a passion to share that knowledge.

Who are the Collab Vetted Experts?

We are currently in that whole vetting process, identifying those we want to give a name tag to designating them as an expert in a field. All experts will get their own fancy name badge and will always be welcome to Collab sans donation. In exchange, we ask that they be open to lending advice or an ear to people with questions. This doesn’t mean they are there to provide an entire night of free consultation (though they can if they wish.) They are just there as a sound board and guide to point you in the right direction. Although if the match looks right, maybe you can even get them to join your project!

What categories of expertise will there be? 

We are quite open to the possibilities. Fine artists, gallerists, film producers, actors, entrepreneurs, musicians, writers, choreographers, event producers, editors, lawyers, tech wizards, crowd funding consultants, software gurus, logistic fulfillment specialists…and we are always open to hearing why your expertise is ready to join the crew!


Can I be an expert?

Of course! Collab is all about being a user programmed experience. And we welcome our users to get the most of it by lending their own knowledge. If you think you have an expertise in one of our categories (or somewhere we haven’t thought of) please let us know. We’ll make sure you aren’t full of hot air, and then welcome you to the crew!


We will be making calls for experts periodically in late 2013.

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