Collab Presents” CROWDFUND-A-DREAM

Head on over to our new Crowdfund-A-Dream website where we help the little guy get a big start.


Help! (A quick guide)

Kickstarter. Razoo. CrowdRise. GoFundMe. Hundreds more. Not all crowdfunding platforms are created equal. Which one is best for you?

Crowdfunding CONSULTING

Crowdfund-A-Dream is a different kind of consulting. No teams of executive consultants or MBAs promising billion dollar IPOs. Just artists, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and creatives…successful crowdfunders who can help you join their ranks.

Crowdfunding SEMINARS

After attending a few crowdfunding seminars of dubious utility and clear conflict of interest, we decided it would be best just to start our own. Affordable and informative, our Los Angeles area seminars are just what you need to get started with crowdfunding.

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