Collab for October…the LIVING ART SPACE is live!

Tuesday, October 8. 7:30 PM- Midnight. The Collab Project Space @ Big Art Labs
Collab is still offering the same awesome creative networking as always. But we’ve been taking advantage of our new space with multiple rooms by rolling out new monthly features. These are portions of the program that will happen every month.

  • QuickPitch. You’ve got 3 minutes to tell us why your latest project, event, company or funding effort is awesome. Use the projector, use audio, or use hand puppets. We don’t care, just tell us what you got. The best project (selected by our guest judge) wins the pot for the night. Either 100% of proceeds donated to a Kickstarter (or equivalent) or 30% straight donated to the project!
  • CrowdFund Corner. Kickstarter? IndieGoGo? CrowdRise? Zack Braff? SeedSpark? THIS IS CONFUSING! Well, we are here to help. Every month we have a few experts in our Crowdfund Corner who will tell you if your idea is ready for prime time or ready for the dust bin. They can help you trim the bad, refine your pitch, fix your rewards, and more. And if you are already midsteam with a funding campaign? They can help you right that sinking ship in no time!
  • NEW! October we debut Collab’s LIVING ART SPACE (that is just our working name, whoever thinks of a better one wins a prize.) The Collab Project Space’s 600 square foot shop is being turned over to our friend Tag Fatale, and she is inviting anyone and everyone  to come make art with her!  Bring your canvas, bring your paints, bring your crayons, whatever. It is a fun environment to get inspired, get advice, and get critique on your latest and greatest project!


As always, if you have something you want to share, a project you are looking to find people to team up on, a short or film to screen, or just something awesome that the world needs to see, please bring it along. We welcome live art, demonstrations, or performances. We also have a 140″ screen so no one will miss it. Tell us in advance, and we’ll be sure to give you a plug.


7:30 Doors Open/general networking
8:00 PM Quick Pitch
9:00-10:00 PM Open stage/projector…show the world what you are up to
9:30 PM CrowdFundCorner
10:00 PM Special Guest Presentation (TBA)
11:00 – Midnight- Open stage/projector…show the world what you are up to

All Night Long- Tag’s Living Art Space
oct 2013 collab

Collab Project for September
Tuesday, October 8
7:30 PM
Big Art Labs- Los Angeles
651 Clover Street
Los Angeles, CA 90031
(1 block west of the Brewery Arts Complex.)
There is some parking lot space, but please park on Clover or Main Street if the lot is full.

For 8 years Collab has been LA’s favorite art salon and creative mixer. We provide inspiration, advice, opportunity, and a chance to meet people of all sorts in a welcoming environment…artists, writers, tech folk, makers, actors, performers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, musicians…you can find them all at Collab.

We ask for a $3-5 donation, all of which goes to funding Collab or is donated back to the artistic community. We have a donation bar available for food and beverages.

Want to present, demonstrate or share something at Collab? Just let us know, because at Collab, you are the event programmer.

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