Collab for March. Everything Creative. Tuesday, March 12

After several months of intensely “theme” oriented Collabs (Kickstarter, Etsy, resolutions, film festival, live performers) it is time to relax and get back to our roots.

March is a chance to chat with old friends and meet new ones. Have a drink, compare notes. A chance to connect with other people looking for project collaborators. A chance to tell people what you’ve got cooking for the new year. Artists are encouraged to bring projects in progress. Performers are welcome to perform. It will be a free-for-all on the stage and the projector. March Collab is creative networking at its simplest and easiest. Come get inspired.

I will also be announcing the two new people who are joining the Collab team starting in April. We have some huge new things in the works…

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If you do have something special you would like to announce, demonstrate or cast for this month (movie casting, large scale art project, event, festival, performance) then send me a note at and I’ll make sure everyone knows in advance.

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9:30 PM writers/editors/publishers corner….all things writing and publishing will be discussed.

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Collaboration Project for March:
Tuesday, March 12
7:30 PM- Midnight

1772 #A N. Main Street
Los Angeles CA 90031
(right next to the Brewery Arts Complex, Big Art Labs, and the San Antonio Winery.)

COLLAB is a donation based endeavor. We ask that people kick down a few bucks to help cover our costs. If you are really broke, we will gladly let you help us out for an hour or two making things run a bit smoother.We will have VERY reasonably priced drinks and cheap food on hand, so bring a couple of bucks for the bar.

You can join the Collab FB group here:

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STILL never been to Collab?

Read the review:

and watch the film:

TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Collab only grows and flourishes because of all of you. Let your creative friends in on the secret!cropped-Collab-LA-large-1.jpg

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