Collab for April….Tuesday, April 9

Collaboration Project, for 7 years LA’s best monthly Art Salon and Creative Mixer is back on April 9…

This month we have:
Jared Butler (founder of Wasteland Weekend) is coming by to discuss his latest film project: UNDYING
He’ll talk about the funding campaign, the film itself, and what sort of cast and crew he is looking to bring on board to get this done. If you are interested in being a part of a cool zombietastic post-apocalyptic Mad Maxesque film project- or just hoping to get some ideas on how to get your own project off the ground- then stop on by to hear what he has to say.


Justin Levine will be stopping by to discuss his latest book project. This is a super cool book about starlets, Hollywood, and divorce that he is finally bringing towards completion. If you missed last month’s round table on book publishing, you might get a second chance to pick up some cool info.


FILMMAKERS! I am putting together a vetted list of Crowdfunding filmmakers that are willing to team up with creative people on their Kickstarter videos. This is a chance for all you indy filmmakers to get experience, make contacts, and make money. I will be advertising your talents on our new, soon to be unveiled website. So come by and tell me why you should be one of our recommended filmmakers. And I will also be giving some advice on what makes an effective Crowdfunding video, how much compensation you should expect, and how it will really help when you are ready to do your own crowdfunding project.

If you were at our January resolutions Collab, I’d love to get an update on where you are with your project. Come sit down with me at Collab and give me an update. I’d be happy to help motivate, offer suggestions, or help you realize your goals. I am going to grab a bit of patio at 9:00 PM to discuss RESOLUTIONS with any of you who would like to.


As always, if you are looking for someone with specific skills or talent, let me know and I will blast it out to the Collab community.

Collaboration Project for April:
Tuesday, April 9
7:30 PM- Midnight

1772 #A N. Main Street
Los Angeles CA 90031
(right next to the Brewery Arts Complex, Big Art Labs, and the San Antonio Winery.)

COLLAB is a donation based endeavor. We ask that people kick down a few bucks to help cover our costs. If you are really broke, we will gladly let you help us out for an hour or two making things run a bit smoother.We will have VERY reasonably priced drinks and cheap food on hand, so bring a couple of bucks for the bar.

You can join the Collab FB group here:

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STILL never been to Collab?

Read the review:

and watch the film:

TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Collab only grows and flourishes because of all of you. Let your creative friends in on the secret!


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