COLLAB FEBRUARY- Rudy Coby, SmashBotz, QuickStarter, Dystopian Studios 3

Several years ago we had Magician/Scientist/All Around Awesome Performer RUDY COBY as a special guest speaker at Collab. As expected, his talk was amazing. We are pleased to have our friend Rudy rejoin us for the FEBRUARY 11 COLLAB!


RUDY COBY- The world famous Magic Castle turned over the keys to Mad Scientist, Magician extraordinaire, and all around talent Rudy Coby in 2010 for 2 weeks of “MAGIC vs SCIENCE,” with the entire Castle programmed with his own blend of craziness. As expected, it was awesome. Rudy will be taking over the Castle again soon as well as debuting a whole range of crazy new performances. But before that happens, he will be stopping by COLLAB discuss the science of performing, the magic of winning over an audience, and what it takes to sleep in the room that Alfred Hitchcock was cremated in.rudy-coby-americas-got-talent

SMASHBOTZ! What is SmashBotz? It is bad ass battling robots turned up to 11! Come see what they are, how you can become a robot builder, and where to get in on the fights. Our friends from SmashBotz will even be bringing by some robot combatants to usher in the takeover by our future robot overlords!collabfeb2014


The SECRETS to the “LITTLE” KICK QUICKSTARTER- The multi-million dollar Kickstarters get a lot of press, but we all know those are small anecdotes in the bigger Crowdfunding picture. This month we will focus on the Kickstarter projects that every artist can (and should) be doing. The plan to fund that cool little art project or wacky idea that is bouncing around your head. Our panel will show you how you can have a $1000 project up, running and successfully funded in a matter of a few days, not weeks or months. Perfect for the artist full of good ideas, but not full of the discretionary funding to make them happen. Bring a pad of paper, you’re going to want to take some notes on this one.


DYSTOPIAN STUDIOS III- The long running Dystopian Studio I (art space and photo studio) was recently joined by Dystopian Studios II (mini art factory and cyc photo studio.) Instead of resting on the laurels of success, it is time to launch DYSTOPIAN STUDIOS III. This ambitious new collaborative project will include a much larger ART FACTORY space, HUGE new photo studio, Film Studio with green screen capability, OUTDOOR cyclorama, and an awesome event space. Kevin Flint will be discussing his plans, who he would like to team up with (YOU! YES, all you photographers, artists, creatives, event planners, ninjas, and people that want to CREATE) and what it is going to take to make this a reality


QUICK PITCH- As we do every month, in February we will be giving away all the DOOR PROCEEDS to one of you! All you need to do it give a quick 3 minute presentation on why your latest project is awesome! In addition to the proceeds, you will receive a free hour of fundraising consulting from CrowdFund-A-Dream and a huge does of Collab publicity!


OPEN MIC- As always, there will be plenty of time for you to discuss, pitch, or show off your latest artistic endeavors. Film project, art installation, crazy plan to build an underground mountain lair with a super laser….you have an idea, come show it off and meet people looking to join your project! We have a stage. We have a projector. We might even have a laser pointer!

TUESDAY, February 11… 7:30 PM


7:30 PM…doors open
7:55 PM….QuickPitch kicks off (if you have a pitch, don’t be late)
9:00 PM… SmashBotz
10:00 PM Open Projector
Bar….all night long
Collaboratory live art space…All night long

Collab operates on donations only, and all proceeds are donated to our QuickPitch winner each night. Suggested door donation is $3-$5. Our new venue has a bar with reasonably priced drinks available.

Collab Project at SLUR
501 S. Avenue 17. Unit C
Los Angeles, CA 90031

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