Collab returns on Tuesday August 13!

After 4 months away (4 months in 8 years, that ain’t bad) we will be back at our new spot in Big Art Labs.   We will be debuting new stuff, featuring awesome guests, and having all that great Collab you all love!

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August 13 Collab returns at a new home…THE COLLAB PROJECT SPACE @ BIG ART LABS (1 block west of the Brewery Arts Complex.) We will have all the usual awesome mixing and matching of artistic minds. Plus we have some great guests and the debut of our new “QuickPitch” where one of our guests gets to take away the proceeds for the night in the form of a donation to their latest project!

- In February we had an amazing lineup of filmmakers come in and tell you some of the secrets to their fund raising success. From $5k to well over $100k, all 6 had gone about their fund raising campaigns in a different manner, but all had found success. We also had the creators of “Cowboys and Engines” visiting that night. At the time they were halfway through a Kickstarter campaign, with $25k raised of a $100k goal. 2 weeks later they closed the campaign at $114k. A huge success, we will have them back to talk about the big turnaround, and what challenges for their project lie ahead now that their funding is in.

- Many crowdfunding campaigns get down to the wire. The last few hours ticking away nervously as the creators try to rally those $$$s they need to succeed. But not always. I will be leading a panel discussion of people who not only successfully funded their projects, but did so within 48 hours of launching. The quick success to a project, and what unique circumstances allowed each of these people to manage it.


- And finally, we debut QuickPick. I finally figured out a good way to give away what little money we make at Collab. We’re giving it to one of you! Get the details here, and may the best , project win!

For 8 years Collab has been LA’s favorite art salon and creative mixer. We provide inspiration, advice, opportunity, and a chance to meet people of all sorts in a welcoming environment…artists, writers, tech folk, makers, actors, performers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, musicians…you can find them all at Collab.
Collab Project for August
Tuesday, August 13 7:30 PM
@Big Art Labs
651 Clover Street
Building #1
Los Angeles, CA 90031
There is limited parking lot space, so please park on Clover or Main Street if the lot is full.

We ask for a $5 donation, all of which goes to funding Collab or is donated back to the artistic community. We have a donation bar available for food and beverages.

Want to present, demonstrate or share something at Collab? Just let us know, because at Collab, you are the event programmer.


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